Extended Warranties

With an NTP Warranty you can protect yourself from costly repairs to help keep your fleet trucks on the road. Some plans include 12 month roadside assistance low deductibles and larger coverage caps. 

NTP Preferred | Class 3-7 Medium-Duty


  • Enhanced coverages beyond core mechanical systems
  • 38 more covered components vs. the previous program
  • Higher limits of liability on Engine and Aftertreatment
  • Comprehensive Progressive Damage and Wearout coverage


  • Class 3-7, up to 10 years including the current calendar year 
  • Start miles <350,000 miles 
  • Warranty expires at 500,000 miles, or when reaching term (whatever comes first)
  • Class 3 – 4 is < 16,000 lbs.
  • Class 5 – 7 is > 16,000 to 33,000 lbs 
  • Commercial Use Only 
  • Discounts available for gasoline engines

Coverage Options:

  • Engine Only 
  • Engine and Aftertreatment 
  • Engine and Critical Components 
  • Engine, Critical Components and Aftertreatment 
  • Transmission and Differential


  • 12 months/50,000 miles
  • 12 months/100,000 miles 
  • 24 months/100,000 miles 
  • 24 months/200,000 miles 
  • 36 months/100,000 miles 
  • 36 months/150,000 miles 
  • 36 months/300,000 miles

Warranty availability varies based on the seller. Not all coverage options and terms may be available. Warranty expires when reaching months or miles, whichever comes first. ACV limits apply. See contract for details.

*ACV limits apply. See contract for details. 

**MY 2015 & Older $7,000; MY 2016 & Newer $8,000


*ACV limits apply. See contract for details.


*ACV limits apply. See contract for details.


ACV limits apply. See contract for details.

*MY 2015 & Older $7,000; MY 2016 & Newer $8,000


Expanded Progressive Damage

Under the PREFERRED Program, you get comprehensive progressive damage coverage. If you buy coverage on a component, it will be covered for damage caused by any other covered component, or any component that couldn’t have been covered by a warranty.

Expanded Wearout Coverage

Like progressive damage, you are getting the most comprehensive wearout coverage available. A covered component will be deemed failed when wearout exceeds manufacturer’s tolerances and will be covered up to the component’s Limit of Liability. See contract for full details.


Roadside Assistance Benefits

  • Tractor & Trailer Towing Together (up to 50 miles or 2 hours FREE ).
  • Flat Tire Assistance.
  • Tire Replacement Assistance.
  • Tire Repair Assistance.
  • Mobile Mechanic Service.
  • Oil, Fluid and Water Delivery Service.
  • Truck Financing NEW ($500 Coupon)
  • Engine Overhaul Financing NEW ($500 Coupon)
  • Fuel Delivery Service.
  • Lockout/Replacement Key Services.
  • Jump-starts.
  • Pull Start.
  • Replacement Battery Delivery.
  • Replacement Part Delivery.
  • Light Winching/Extricating Assistance NEW
  • Discounted Hotel Stays NEW

As a member, you are entitled to one full year (12 month period) of the full emergency roadside assistance and benefits described within the handbook beginning *15 days from date of purchase. Service is available across the United States and Canada, 24/7/365.

$200 SAVINGS!! + BONUS *7 DAY EARLY MEMBERSHIP ACTIVATION INSTEAD OF THE USUAL 15 DAYS WHEN YOU SELECT YEARLY PAYMENT PLAN. (All membership programs on the same receipt with the Yearly Payment Plan Registration will automatically qualify for early activation).

(1) Yearly Payment Plan: $499/Year - ”$200 SAVINGS PLAN”

(2) Monthly Payment Plan: $149.99 Down Payment + $49.99/Month for 11 months