Altec LP108 Cable Puller on 2007 Freightliner M2-106 6x4 Reg Cab Truck - R97516

Altec LP108 Cable Puller on 2007 Freightliner M2-106 6x4 Reg Cab Truck - R97516

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• Unit Is Capable Of Removing Or Installing Cable Through The Entire Range Of Load Arm Articulation. • Positive Reel Rotation Is Achieved By Hydraulic Gear Drives Mounted In The Reel Loading Arms. • Reel Is Mechanically Engaged To The Drive Mechanism For Positive Pull-In And Pay-Out Capability. • Reels Are Loaded And Rotated Under Power Without The Use Of A Mandrel Bar. • For Ease Of Loading, Reel Loading Arms Hydraulically Adjust To Reel Width And Diameter. • The Reel Drive Output Shafts Are Capable Of Generating 150,000 in-lb (16,948 N-m) Of Torque. • The Winch Has Infinitely Variable Speeds In High And Low Range. • State-Of-The-Art Hydraulic System Is Remotely Controlled From The Pendant Or Optional Radio Controls. • Winch 55,000 lb (24,947.6 kg) Bear Drum Winch • Hydraulically-Powered Conductor Level-Wind Mechanism Eliminates The Need For Manually Guiding Cable Onto The Reel When Removing Cable. • Operation Of Unit Provides Extremely Smooth And Efficient Removal And Installation Of Both Underground And Optional Overhead Cable. • Heavy-Duty Body Cabinets Are Specifically Designed For Underground Cable Handling Tools And Accessories.


Altec LP108 Underground and Overhead Cable Handler

General Specifications

Reel Diameter 60 to 108 in 1524 to 2743 mm

Reel Width 30 to 68 in 762 to 1727 mm

Reel Weight 16,000 lb 7,257 kg

Drive Torque 150,000 in-lb 16,948 N-m

Drive Speed 0 to 12 RPM, infinitely variable


Serial Number:06077845818242
Stock Number:R97516
Fuel type:Diesel
Chassis vin:1FVHCYDJ87HX97516
Engine model:6.4 L 388 CID L6 Mercedes MBE906 Diesel
Brake type:Air
Body model:Reg Cab Utility Reel Loader
Under cdl:No
Unit manufacturer:Altec
Cruise control:Yes
Unit Model:LP108
Lift arm capacity:16000 lbs